Cross Border Design

In current culture, the topic of borders is very important: as we face world-wide animosity from high-powered leaders, we ‘the people’ are coming together collectively to unite in the face of animosity and ignorance, to make a world where supporting, accepting, understanding and connecting with one another is of highest importance.

In a world of mass-consumption, designers should encourage sustainable thinking and use through materiality and ‘lasting’ design. We can help to change consumer mind-set through thought-provoking design that has relevance in current culture by engaging visually with political and environmental agendas. The fabric design is taken from the ripples in the Maas river which, when defined, begin to look like borders on a map. I used the river Maas as inspiration because it divides the province of Limburg through the centre from north to south, which is particularly visible in Maastricht – it connects, but also divides – much like borders do.